The CINEWAYS FILMFESTIVAL sees itself as a lively festival for cineasts and those who want to become one. In addition to the common experience of films, it is equally important for us to bring fans and stars together. Not cordoned off like at other festivals, but up close and without restrictions. To this end, we organize annual events in which an informal and family gathering with our guests is the focus.

Traditionally, we open the festival with the ‘COME TOGETHER PARTY’ – cinema friends, guest stars, sponsors and festival-makers join in to get to know each other, to chat and to toast success. In the further course of the festival, there are also special events – either directed at the films or the respective guests.

Constantly on the event calendar has been the ‘BOND EVENING’ since 2016, which we celebrate each year in close collaboration with the James Bond Club Germany.

James Bond Girls Caroline Munro (center) and Martine Beswick (right) at the COME TOGETHER party in September 2016