Festivaljury 2018

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At a young age, Deodato learned the art of filmmaking alongside directors such as Roberto Rossellini, Sergio Corbucci, Riccardo Freda and Antonio Margheriti. He gained notoriety through his film “Cannibal Holocaust” (1980), which is considered one of the most brutal and controversial films. For the 7th Cineways Filmfestival 2018 Ruggero has taken over the jury presidency.


“Wild West made in Germany” is the tenth publication on film history by Reiner Boller. Previous topics included biographies on Lex Barker, Brad Harris, Herbert Lom, Gustavo Rojo and Martin Böttcher, as well as themed books on Tarzan, Commissar X and Don Camillo. The traveling Westerwälder, born in 1969, is mainly interested in the “golden years of cinema” from the forties to the sixties of the last century. Hollywood and German cinema, but also the film history in Italy, Spain, France, England and Mexico are among his favorite areas.


Wolfgang Schweiger was born in 1951 in Traunstein. After training as a logistics manager and several semesters of business administration and social education, he has worked as a freelance journalist, screenwriter and author since 1979. To date, he wrote about 20 crime novels and the book “The Police Film”.