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John Glen was born on May 15, 1932 in Sunbury-on-Thames, England and became interested in the film industry at a young age. After beginning in 1945 as a messenger boy, Glen worked  in the visual and sound editorial departments of the British Shepperton Studio sat the end of the 1940s. His first film as an editing assistant was the classic ‘THE THIRD MAN’ (1949).

Glen made his debut as a director in 1968 with the series ‘MAN IN A SUITCASE’, of which one episode was entirely under his direction. During the 1960s and 1970s, Glen mainly worked as editor and second unit director, including ‘SUPERMAN’ and ‘THE WILD GEESE’.

He had his first contact with James Bond in 1969 when he took over the editing of ‘ON HER MAJESTY’S SECRET SERVICE’. His second Bond as editor was ‘THE SPY WHO LOVED ME’ (1977) and ‘MOONRAKER’ (1979) followed. Bond producer Albert R. Broccoli was so impressed with Glen’s work that he quickly promoted him to director of the series. Thus, all James Bond films of the 1980s were under his direction and he worked with both Sir Roger Moore and his successor Timothy Dalton. To this day Glen holds the record of five films as a Bond director.

In 2001, John Glen published his autobiography ‘FOR MY EYES ONLY’, and in recent years has been a frequent guest at various events around James Bond.

Béatrice Libert, born in Mons, Belgium, in 1956, joined Sir Roger Moore in the James Bond film ‘MOONRAKER’. Villain Hugo Drax introduces her character as Mademoiselle Deradier and she is part of Drax’s new master race with which he wants to populate the earth after exterminating mankind.

Director Lewis Gilbert discovered Libert during the casting in France and was amazed that the beautiful blonde lady had not been presented to him immediately. A few minutes before, like many other young ladies, she had been sent away.

After her performance in ‘MOONRAKER’, Béatrice worked as a model and appeared again in 1982 in the film ‘JOSEPHA’ in a supporting role alongside Claude Brasseur. Two years later she appeared in the drama ‘FEMME DE PERSONNE’ alongside Swiss actress Marthe Keller.

In the 2016 documentary “A BOND FOR LIFE – HOW JAMES BOND CHANGED MY LIFE” by Benjamin Lind, Libert talks about the honor of being a Bond Girl and being admired by numerous fans of the series. The interview was filmed in the park of French castle Vaux-Le-Vicomte, at the exact spot where she had shot ‘MOONRAKER’ with Roger Moore in 1978 .

Born in St. Anthony, Idaho in 1933, Harris entered films as a stand-in, stuntman, and later an actor. His first roles were in André de Toth’s Monkey on My Back and Li’l Abner. With his athletic physique, Harris travelled to Rome to watch the 1960 Summer Olympics and perform stunts in Stanley Kubrick’s Spartacus. He stayed in Europe for the boom in European sword and sandal, Eurospy, and spaghetti western genres. Harris discovered, when working in Germany, that stunt coordinators were nonexistent in that country and he often did extra duties as a stuntman, stunt coordinator, and second unit director as well as an actor.

Harris made his debut as a leading man in 1961 in the title role of Gianfranco Parolini’s Goliath Against the Giants and Samson. He would have a long, continuing relationship in several films written and directed by Parolini. Harris also began to be teamed with Tony Kendall starting with the Western Black Eagle of Santa Fe. Harris teamed again with Kendall and Parolini in the Kommissar X series. He later made seven appearances on the American soap opera Falcon Crest as “Deputy Duffy”. His most recent film was the thriller Skin Collector, released in 2012.