Festival history

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7th Festival in Wolfsburg & Braunschweig

Guests: Director Bruce Beresford (“Miss Daisy und ihr Chauffeur”), Cinematographer Vittorio Storaro (“Apocalypse Now”), Actress Corinne Cléry (“Moonraker”), Director Ruggero Deodato (“Cannibal Holocaust”), Actress Zana Marjanovic (“A Rose in Winter”), Director Peter Keglevic (“Der Bulle und das Mädchen”) and Actress Anja Kruse (“A Rose in Winter””)

Retrospektive: Films by Bruce Beresford & Peter Keglevic as well as a Midnight Double Feature in honor of Ruggero Deodato

Lifetime Achievement Award for Bruce Beresford, Cineways James Bond Award for Corinne Cléry and the German Genre Award for Peter Keglevic

Winner Best Film:

A ROSE IN WINTER  (UK 2018; D: Joshua Sinclair)

6th Festival in Braunschweig

Guests: Director John Glen (“Licence To Kill”), Béatrice Libert (“Moonraker”) and Brad Harris (“Kommissar X”)

Retrospective: Films by John Glen and Brad Harris

Lifetime Achievement Awards for John Glen and Brad Harris; Cineways James Bond Award for John Glen and Béatrice Libert

Shortfilm Selection:

VESPER (F 2017; D: Keyvan Sheikhalishahi)

BEZIEHUNGSPARADOX (D 2017; D: Carsten Panitz)

5th Festival in Braunschweig

Guests: Director John Landis (“Blues Brothers”), Mark L. Lester (“Phantom Kommando”), Caroline Munro, Martine Beswick; Jury-chairman: Director Luigi Cozzi (“Star Crash”)

Retrospective: Films by John Landis, Mark L. Lester and Caroline Munro

Lifetime Achievement Awards for John Landis and Caroline Munro; Cult Classic Award for Mark L. Lester

Competition winners:

Feature Film: The Hollow One  (US 2015; D: Nathan Hendrickson)

Short Film: They Will All Die in Space (Spain 2015; D: Javier Chillon)

4th Festival in Braunschweig

Guests: Director Hugh Hudson (“Greystoke”), Director John Hough (“Legend of Hell House”), Dieter Laser, Michaela Schaffrath; Jury-chairman: Claus Theo Gärtner

Retrospective: Films by Hugh Hudson and John Hough; Lifetime Achievement Award for John Hough

Competition winners:

Feature Film: Landmine Goes Click (Georgia 2015; D: Levan Bakhia)

Short Film: Schnee in Rio (Germany 2014; D: Manuel Vogel)

3rd Festival in Braunschweig

In 2014, the festival  relocated to the lion city Braunschweig in Lower-Saxony.

Guests: DirectorJohn Badham

Opening film: Saturday Night Fever

Retrospective: Films by John Badham; Lifetime Achievement Award for John Badham

Competition winners:

Feature Film: Gefällt mir (Germany 2014; D: Michael David Pate)

Short Film: In the Deathroom (Germany 2014; D: Milos Savic)

2nd Festival in Dresden

Guests: Director Joe Dante and actor Damien Chapa (“Streetfighter”); Jury member: Susen Ermich, actress known for„Masks“

Opening film: Gremlins

Retrospective: Films by Joe Dante; Lifetime Achievement Award for Joe Dante

Competition winners:

Feature Film: Across the River (Italy 2013; D: Lorenzo Bianchini)

Short Film: Mr Bear (Spain 2012; D: Andres Rosende)

1st Festival in Dresden

Guests: Director Dario Argento and composer Claudio Simonetti; voice actor Charles Rettinghaus (f.e. Robert Downey Jr.) as presenter

Opening film: Once upon a time in the West

Retrospective: Films by Dario Argento; Lifetime Achievement Award for Dario Argento

Competition winners:

Feature Film: The Butterfly Room (US 2012; D: Jonathan Zarantonello)

Short Film: The Country of Wolves (Canada 2011; D: Neil Christopher)