Festival history

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6th Festival in Braunschweig

Guests: Director John Glen (“Licence To Kill”), Béatrice Libert (“Moonraker”) and Brad Harris (“Kommissar X”)

Retrospective: Films by John Glen and Brad Harris

Lifetime Achievement Awards for John Glen and Brad Harris; Cineways James Bond Award for John Glen and Béatrice Libert

Shortfilm Selection:

VESPER (F 2017; D: Keyvan Sheikhalishahi)

BEZIEHUNGSPARADOX (D 2017; D: Carsten Panitz)

5th Festival in Braunschweig

Guests: Director John Landis (“Blues Brothers”), Mark L. Lester (“Phantom Kommando”), Caroline Munro, Martine Beswick; Jury-chairman: Director Luigi Cozzi (“Star Crash”)

Retrospective: Films by John Landis, Mark L. Lester and Caroline Munro

Lifetime Achievement Awards for John Landis and Caroline Munro; Cult Classic Award for Mark L. Lester

Competition winners:

Feature Film: The Hollow One  (US 2015; D: Nathan Hendrickson)

Short Film: They Will All Die in Space (Spain 2015; D: Javier Chillon)

4th Festival in Braunschweig

Guests: Director Hugh Hudson (“Greystoke”), Director John Hough (“Legend of Hell House”), Dieter Laser, Michaela Schaffrath; Jury-chairman: Claus Theo Gärtner

Retrospective: Films by Hugh Hudson and John Hough; Lifetime Achievement Award for John Hough

Competition winners:

Feature Film: Landmine Goes Click (Georgia 2015; D: Levan Bakhia)

Short Film: Schnee in Rio (Germany 2014; D: Manuel Vogel)

3rd Festival in Braunschweig

In 2014, the festival  relocated to the lion city Braunschweig in Lower-Saxony.

Guests: DirectorJohn Badham

Opening film: Saturday Night Fever

Retrospective: Films by John Badham; Lifetime Achievement Award for John Badham

Competition winners:

Feature Film: Gefällt mir (Germany 2014; D: Michael David Pate)

Short Film: In the Deathroom (Germany 2014; D: Milos Savic)

2nd Festival in Dresden

Guests: Director Joe Dante and actor Damien Chapa (“Streetfighter”); Jury member: Susen Ermich, actress known for„Masks“

Opening film: Gremlins

Retrospective: Films by Joe Dante; Lifetime Achievement Award for Joe Dante

Competition winners:

Feature Film: Across the River (Italy 2013; D: Lorenzo Bianchini)

Short Film: Mr Bear (Spain 2012; D: Andres Rosende)

1st Festival in Dresden

Guests: Director Dario Argento and composer Claudio Simonetti; voice actor Charles Rettinghaus (f.e. Robert Downey Jr.) as presenter

Opening film: Once upon a time in the West

Retrospective: Films by Dario Argento; Lifetime Achievement Award for Dario Argento

Competition winners:

Feature Film: The Butterfly Room (US 2012; D: Jonathan Zarantonello)

Short Film: The Country of Wolves (Canada 2011; D: Neil Christopher)